Saturday, September 25, 2010

Need for Speed Underground 2 Mini Review

Need For Speed Underground 2

This is a game to play if you are not a halo fan.

This game adds new features and are much differnt from the last one.There is now a "free roam"system in which you travel travel the city in your ride.New cars have been added for extra fun gameplay so there is no more boring 20 or less cars,for example:the Ford Mustang GT, mitshibishi 3000 GT,and much more have been added .The heavy cars are a challenge to drive but the Hummer H3 and Cadillac Escalade can be tricked out with no effort.Despite the lack of frustrating gameplay and the long waited release date this is on to pick up if you're a racing fan.If you're not, stick to halo for your sake.

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